Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Adult life as described through anime

You graduate from college.
Goodbye friends! Goodbye life I've known for the past 4 years!

You're ready to take on the world.
Yoshi! Ikuzo!

Time to get that dream job.
Ooh! Me! Pick me!

But it turns out....you don't have enough experience.

Well, maybe that dream house/apartment?
Ah, piece of cake, right?

Oh wait. You can't do that without a job.
So close...

Well. Next best option. It's better than living by the river on government cheese.
It's dark and a little damp, but hey, it's home!

Don't forget to learn to cook!
Potatoes. Pancakes. STARCH.

It may take a while....
Wut happened to my cake.

So don't forget to treat yourself out once in a while!
omigosh, food tastes good. It. Tastes.

You learn that making bentos is a lot of fun. (And way cheaper!)
Here you go, dear husband.

Also, cleaning is a thing.

Honey? I think the sink overflowed again...and the toilet.....and the tub.

So are bugs.

Time to take public transportation to work!
AAAAHH! I need to catch the next bus!!!

Two part time jobs? Bring it on!
Good afternoon. How may I be of assistance?

Gasp! An interview??
Please oh please oh please oh please

But someone else had more experience. And another degree.

There's also an opening for a shweet apartment that's more affordable. But you can't break your current lease for another 4 months.


Sometimes, it's just hard.

You cry more that you thought you would.
A lot more.

And get way more angry than you thought you would.
Why are all the things so dumb???

But somehow, there's always Someone, somewhere, to cheer you up.

To calm you down.

Just to be there for you.

Things really aren't so bad.

 Well ok. They're still annoying.
Oh yeah. The student loan grace period expires.

But if you remember to look Up...

...life really is beautiful.

So don't worry.

There really are people cheering for you.
Saints, anyone?

Don't be afraid to live that imperfectly perfect happy ending.

"Our life is not a pointless wandering. We have a sure goal: the house of the Father."
-Pope Francis

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Daily

I almost forgot I had a blog. Almost.

Between the pile of homework and adventures that college dished out and the lemons and lemonade of life, sat this itty-bitty blog. Waiting, begging to be updated. "Well honestly, there are so many blogs out there, who really cares what I post? Nobody comes here anyway," said the college girl despite the visitors' counter that said otherwise.

And maybe no one will.  But maybe I should take up writing again.

It's been nagging at my heart for a while that maybe someone needs to hear the stories of homework that stacked high to the ceiling. Maybe they wanted to read adventures of coffee, laughter in the hallways, awkward friendships that began and ended, and glimpses of adulthood that college dishes out. Maybe they needed to hear about all the lemons and lemonade that came pouring down when I least expected it. Maybe they just need to know that they're not the only one Life sweeps off into the daily sunset.

Maybe someone needs to know the daily struggles of a young Catholic.

Because really, how often do you get a story from a young, Catholic blogger who's apparently been around since 2006? Who used to spend her spare time discerning a religious vocation, left Honolulu for Ohio to find herself, discerned out by the grace of God, found her dearest friend and companion, finished her degree at Franciscan University, got married young, and is now attempting to figure out life as a wife in DC? I'd be intrigued.

So here's the stuff that drives me crazy. And this is how God's Truth, Goodness, and Beauty redeems it each time.

"Heroism must become daily, and the daily must become heroic." 
-Saint John Paul II

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Porch conversations lead to blog posts

"If you could change one thing in your past, would you?"

It's an interesting question that people ask sometimes. My dear friend and I were sitting on the porch one day, contemplating all the random things a philosophy/theology/catechetics major and communication arts major can possibly combine. Life came into the conversation - as it always does when you're Catholic and quite the pro-life advocates - and so did this question.

"I know older folk tend to say they wouldn't."

Which is true.

"But I think I would, wouldn't you?"

I sat still a moment. Would I? Would I change one little thing? What would it be? Who would I be because of if? Since I'm a Whovian, I started getting all science fiction over the question and how it would probably mess up my timestream and the world would turn out differently. Except maybe without the aliens.

So I said no.

Really, I do like the way my life has turned out so far. Despite everything, and because of everything, and by the grace of God, I'd made it to that exact spot on the porch, with the exact personality and experience that I had, sitting next to that dear friend of mine. Maybe I said no because there was nothing disturbing my peace at that moment. Maybe if I'd been in a difficult situation or had a different, more turbulant past, my answer would be different. But I wasn't precisely sure why I'd answered with a "no."

Then a few days later, I began reading a book about Pope Saint John Paul II.

JPII wasn't always the kind, heroic Papa everyone usually refers to. Because he lived during WWII, the  many ups and downs of his young adult life played a tremendous part in who he eventually became. He was alone in the world at age 20. He worked hard in a quarry, but somehow found time to pray and attend daily Mass.

My favorite fact, though, was that he was an actor. I've read his "Letter to Artists" several times now. This magnificent letter reflects the author's gentleness, compassion, fervor, love, and enthusiasm. You can see how much he cares about human dignity. You can feel his passion for the true, good, and beautiful. And because of this, you can also tell that he went through so much during his early life.

This is one of the many outcomes of the life John Paul II lived, and I know there are many, many more.
Honestly, I'm very glad he didn't go back to change any one thing.

I can't speak for everyone, and I know there are some people who would give anything to change a single past mistake or event in their lives. But I wouldn't. I couldn't, at least knowing that not one mistake or tragedy in my life is irredeemable. I couldn't knowing that however broken things are, God will make something even more beautiful out of them. Just like he made a masterpiece in Pope Saint John Paul II. Just like he did with the Cross.

Will the mistakes and tragedies hurt? Probably. Probably a lot. I'll probably even come back to this blog and wonder why on earth I chose not to change anything. But then I'll remember. Then I'll hold on to God as tight as I can, and pray not to let go.

So for now I'll say no. No, I wouldn't change a thing.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

And so begins the Triduum

Yesterday some friends and I attended a liturgy known as Tenebrae.
(You can find more information about its origins and meaning here)
Tenebrae means of the dark in latin. It was aptly named.

Candles are often seen as a metaphor for hope, particularly when that candle is placed in a dark room. As we walked in, only the 12 candles and soft lights lit the chapel. The brightest light in fact came from the candles. As each candle was snuffed out one by one, you could just feel the darkness creeping up. The tendrils of smoke from the just-snuffed candle teased the flames of the other candles, and the flames flickered as if they were shivering at what was to come. The psalms were beautifully sung, yet it seemed they were on the verge of despair. The writer laments how the wicked around him were flourishing, while he is righteous and poor. He begins to wonder if his good deeds mean anything.

 One by one, each light of hope was extinguished, until the 9 before the congregation were all darkened. Then, two candles on the altar were extinguished. The “Christ candle” was taken away, and three ominous booms loudly echoed through the silent chapel. The “Christ” light was brought back into the darkened chapel, now even more somber than before. The celebrant and the choir departed in silence, and it felt like a blanket of silence had settled over us all as we were left with the single candle. There was something there in the solitary candle in the dark stillness. It was a thin candle, not very big, but its flame was still alive, flickering slightly precariously, but quite bright. It was a quiet hope – a small witness of what was to come. It was evidence that the darkness will not prevail completely, that light will never die.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

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Lord of Lords 
by Brooke Fraser

Beholding Your beauty 
 Is all that I long for 
 To worship You Jesus 
 Is my sole desire 
 For this very heart 
 You have shaped for be your pleasure 
 Purposed to lift Your Name higher 

 Here in surrender 
 In pure adoration 
 I enter Your courts 
 With an offering of praise 
 I am Your servant
 Come to bring You glory
 As is fit for the work of Your hands 

 [Chorus 1:] 
Now unto the Lamb 
 Who sits on the throne 
 Be glory and honor and praise 
 All of creation resounds with the song 
 Worship and praise Him 
 The Lord of lords 

 Spirit now living 
 And dwelling within me 
 Keep my eyes fixed 
 Ever on Jesus' face 
 Let not the things of this world
 Ever sway me 
 I'll run 'til I finish the race 

Holy Lord 
 You are holy 
 Jesus Christ 
 Is the Lord 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I just wanted to say that snow is beautiful.

That is all.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Heading out to the March for Life out in DC later today. =)

I went for the first time last year and really enjoyed being there despite the cold and rain. Because really, it was less of a protest/demonstration than it was this HUGE party. People from all over the country had come, even some who had to travel over 8 hours to get there!

It made me think of another rally that my home state had. It wasn't as big, but it was pretty good for one of the most liberal states. =)
As we were walking at some point, someone asked, "Well, what about war? War kills people too." My poor highscool self didn't know what to say at the time. She wanted to respond, but didn't know how.
I wish I could've told him that 55 million people are missing since Roe v. Wade...which is more than any one war.
I wish I could tell every single mother considering abortion that she is loved so much more than she thinks, and abortion will only hurt her. I wish I could tell them how much pain and trauma I can see in the people I know who have had abortions.

I wish. I can't do anything big enough now to do that.
But I can do little things instead.

I can attend this march and witness to how much life means to me. I can go and tell the world by going how much fun life is! I'll laugh with my friends, skip down the road, sing, and just celebrate life.

I can live the life I have. And by doing so, maybe they'll change how they see life... maybe they'll give others a chance.

Life is beautiful, and everyone deserves a chance to live it.